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Production (Services)

Titan Sisak Self FluxingTitan Sisak is offering production of specific part usually consisted of several components (coating + heat treatment). Coating selection depends upon service conditions and customer can request the specification of the coating material as desired.

Given that some of the coatings used are based on an extremely hard carbides (boron carbide, tungsten carbide, chromium carbide) whose hardness ranges between 65-72 HRc, Titan Sisak offers final machining of these surfaces to the required level of roughness.

Along with the coating service, Titan Sisak offers the possibility of large component production and machining (turbine rings, lathe machine parts, shafts and cylinders) to finish according to customer specification and production of specific tools (plug pack for oil and petrochemical industry, high pressure piston rods, knife blades, forging tools, food processing tools, etc.).

In addition to developing individual specific components, Titan Sisak can offer its own structural design customized to work conditions, and aid in defect inspection, dis-assembly and assembly thereof.

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