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About Us

Titan SisakTitan Sisak d.o.o. is a company established in Sisak - Croatia with the main activity oriented on machine part repair, coating solutions and specific part production.

As a regional leader in thermal spray and plating solutions, Titan Sisak offers latest steps in coating technologies, like HVOF and Brush plating, standardized in military, aviation and power generation industry. Other solutions such as flame spraying, powder welding and fusing offer cost effective and reliable coatings for general industry.

Furthermore, Titan Sisak successfully applies Microtuff and Belzona® composite materials to enhance surface properties and functionality of base material. Other techniques such as brazing and cladding are used for restoration of highly damaged parts, or for achieving specific surface properties (cavitation and impact resistance, conductivity). Specific parts can be repaired on-site due to portability of equipment and therefore we are ready to work abroad based on customer demands.

Oil refineries, pipelines, and gas plants choose Titan Sisak for their most arduous applications. Highest coating quality is a key driver and our specific materials provide significant improvement in MeanTime Between Repair (MTBR). Power plants, whether is fossil fuel or hydro plant, choose Titan Sisak because some techniques (Brush plating and HVOF) are industrial standards for turbine components.

Likewise, most of our successful work has been done in food & beverage industry where ceramic and polymer coatings ensure protection of parts in contact with foodstuffs.

In the end, we are proud to be part of a permanent cooperation with scientific and researching institutions like Faculty of mechanical engineering and naval architecture, Institute for electro chemistry and chemical engineering and Faculty for metallurgy. Present and future graduates are given a possibility for R&D on new coating materials and its new applications.

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