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Titan Sisak

Titan SisakTitan Sisak is a regional leader in coating services and specialized machine repair with a presence in any general industry.
Our main aim is the application of an advanced coatings solutions to specified machine parts to improve their surface properties and extend lifetime.

Our Vision: To be recognized for the excellence of our services
Our Mission:To provide coatings that help our customers save money and make their products better.

Titan Sisak tends to provide an extensive range of coating services, as well as specialized machining services and component production. Our customers benefit from improved product life, reliability and performance according to high quality material used. From the early beginnings, Titan Sisak implements the most innovative technologies present worlwide and its future steps will be turned over on investment into nano coating materials and automation of production process.

Technologies such as Brush plating, developed primary for military and aerospace industry, have shown excellent solution in general repair and re-coating on temperature sensible components (turbine shafts and blades, cast iron parts, windmill components, electric motors and generators, etc.).

Newly introduced HVOF spraying is the latest step in thermal spray technology which offers outstanding characteristics above other thermal spray solutions. HVOF is an industrial standard for carbide coatings, highly wear + corrosion resistance applications and hard chrome replacement technique.

Along with the coating and general repair solutions, Titan Sisak can also provide:

On-site repair

Developing the solution and needed technology for desired application

Material and coating selection

Design of new component

Material characterization (XRD, SEM analysis, tribological properties)

Large part machining